Selected group exhibitions:

2011   The “FIRST FLIGHT” Exhibition by contemporary Bulgarian artists, Sofia Gallery, London
“TRADITIONS AND INSPIRATIONS FROM THE EAST” - calligraphy of A. Telalim, bonsai and ikebana, Mission Gallery of the Foreign Ministry in Sofia.

2010   “THE LIGHT OF THE WINTER STAR”   (with Vassilen Vasevski),
Ukrainian National Museum, Chicago, IL
2009   “BELLE MISTIQUE”, Gallerie MK, River Nord Art District, Chicago
“FACES WITHOUT TRANSLATION”, Noe Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2007   “TRACE OF WATER”, Bulgarian Consulate in New York, (Bulgarian Days Festival), New York, NY
2004   AROUND THE COYOTTE Art Festival, Chicago, IL
 — TZ Gallery, Chicago, IL
2002   “SAILS” (installation with Valia Telalim), “Sea of Forms” Art Festival, Golden Sands, Varna, Bulgaria
2000   ”SPIRITUAL MESSAGES”, Vitosha Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
1999   National exhibition “BULGARIA — DRAWING ’99″, Sofia, Bulgaria
1997   National exhibition “BULGARIA — DRAWING ’97″, Sofia, Bulgaria
1983-95   Group shows in Izmail and Odessa, Ukraine

Selected solo exhibitions:

2010   “MORNING IN THE PROMISED LAND”, Rosh Pinna, Israel
2009   “WATERCOLORS”, Ukrainian National Museum, Chicago, IL
“THE HOME”, Papillon Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
2008   “THE FLOWERS”, Papillon Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
“AQUARELLE”, Girafe Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
“EDEM: AT HOME, TOWARDS THE INNER SELF”, Lik Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
“DREAMS ON THE ROOF”, Sofia Philharmonics Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2007   ”AWAKE AND DREAMING” — Grita Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
“AQUA INCOGNITA”, Girafe Gallery, Berlin, Germany
“AQUA INCOGNITA”, Literaturehause Gallery, Weimar, Germany
“NEW MITHOLOGY”, Noe Gallery, Sofia
2006   ”Balkanica” Cultural and Art Center, Sofia, Bulgaria
“YELLOW and BLUE” (Ukrainian Days in Macedonia), National Art Gallery, Skopje, Macedonia
2002   “GIFT FOR LOVERS — 14.02″, Galeros Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
“WATERCOLOR FROM BULGARIA”, Olivian Gallery, Kagava, Japan
“FISHING AT NIGHT”, Contemporary Art Center, Varna, Bulgaria
2001   “MESSAGE FROM THE WEST” — Sachie Ikeda Gallery, Kagava, Japan
“Ludwig Beier” Exhibition Hall, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
2000   “BRIDGES” — “Bulgaria — Slavonic World” Museum, Sofia, Bulgaria
City Art Gallery, Lodz, Poland
1999   Gavrilova Gallery, Saint-Louis/Basil, France
“THE SKY”, Santa Clara Monastery, Moguer, Spain
“THE WAY OF THE WIND”, “Festinvest” Exhibition Hall, Sofia, Bulgaria
Garduno Gallery, Sevilla, Spain; City Gallery, Masagon, Spain
1997   “WATER REFLECTIONS”, City Art Gallery, Izmail, Ukraine
“MESSAGE FROM THE EAST”, “Cristina de Vicente” Gallery, Huelva, Spain
“Valentina” Ukrainian Art Club, Sofia, Bulgaria

Alexander TELALIM‘s artworks can be found in numerous private collections in Europe and US, as well in the public collections of the City Gallery of Izmail (Ukraine), Municipality of Saint Louis (France), Bulgarian Consulate in New York (US), Municipality of Weimar (Germany) and the Ukrainian Consulate in Sofia (Bulgaria). Alexander TELALIM lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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